We were the first American company to offer hunting in Greenland above the Arctic Circle. Greenland is the largest
Island in the world, with a population of only 57,000 90 % of the Island is covered by Ice.

The topography and climate are favorable to hunt in, mild climate and dry sandy footing, with very few bugs!

We hunt Greenland Musk Ox, Central Barren Ground Caribou primarily on the West Coast North of Sisimiut,
we have both a Winter and Summer here for Musk Ox.

The Caribou are hard horned about August 12th. Our summer Musk Ox and Caribou areas are accessed by jet boats
up glacial rivers, winter hunts out of villages via snow mobile. On all hunts clients may fish for Arctic Char,
hunt Arctic Fox and Hare, Patagium and more, no extra fees.

We also hunt King Eider ducks the month of March near Sisimiut. King Eiders are probably the Marco Polo
sheep of Duck hunting, also generous limit of 15.

We also have access to the only Atlantic Salmon River in Greenland as well permission to hunt a large
population of introduced European Reindeer in Southern Greenland, this hunt is
conducted out of a very nice lodge, very good Arctic Char

Greenland prices

Winter Musk Ox , Arctic Fox ect $6500
Summer Musk Ox , Fox , hare ect $8000
Musk Ox & Caribou $11.500
Reindeer & Char Fishing   $9500
King Eider & Atlantic Eider $4500

Greenland is serviced from both Denmark and Iceland