One of the foundations of modern Worldwide Sport hunting and Fishing was born in Scotland and other parts of the British Isles.

Scotland is a rugged mountainous country, with large numbers of Scottish Red deer, a true sub species of Red Deer. Scottish Red deer hunts are somewhat a formal affair rich in tradition.

You will climb steep mountains and stalk a deer with in proper shooting distance of the beast.

You will be accommodated in a fine country house on the property.

On most estates we also have beautiful highland lochs and streams with Trout and Salmon.

On one of our Estates we have free range Soya Sheep, a wild feral Sheep abended by the Vikings over 1500 years ago.

Nearby we hunt endemic Roe deer and also Wild Fetal Goats on the rugged Island of Jura.

The Jura Island hunt is a fantastic and dramatic experience.

We cross from the mainland to cruise the rugged coast of Jura, you cross one of the largest whirlpools in Europe, the only house you will see is a cottage owned by the landowners, that they once rented to George Orwell while he was writing 1984.

Once we spot goats, we do a beach landing and get above the goats and make a shot from above, much like a mini–Mountain Goat Hunt.


Scotland Prices

Daily Rate

1×1 $650
2×1 $500
Non hunter rate                                            $250
Rates include, airport pick & return

Accommodations Bed & Breakfast,

Does not include Lunch & Supper (we dine at local restaurants and pubs which are like museums, filled with color and local culture) Daily includes, guiding and most fishing.

Trophy fees

Scottish Red Stag $2500
Sika Deer $2500
Roe deer                                                  $1000
Feral Goats   $2500


When you think of England , most think of maybe London first and then maybe the Beatles .England has a amazing amount of rural areas dotted with small villages , meadows , woodlots . With a lot of rainfall England vegetation is thick and lush.

There are  6 Deer Species .

Big Wild  Endemic Red Stags found in a few different pockets , 14-20 point stags , surprising  affordable , also very good Roe deer mainly in the Southern part of the country .

The there are also very large free range populations of introduced Deer .

2 types of primitive Asian deer , both have long fangs , The Chinese Water deer and the Reves Muntjac .

Also a medium sized Cervidae the Japanese Sika.

Then good strong Fallow deer first introduced by the Romans and later the Normans .

The history of hunting in England goes back to the times of feudal lords and then the powerful Kings .

William the Conquer in 1060 made the massive New Forest a royal hunting preserve , today the area still retains ancient laws where villagers horses may roam everywhere .

Fly fishing

Izak Walton considered father of fly fishing  heartlands from Stafford England , his beloved Dove river is near by , the Chalk streams of Hampshire are world class and arguably some of the best anywhere


England Prices

Price list
1x1  guide & car  pick up in London  $600
Wild Red Stag  trophys                        $4000-7500
Roe deer                                                  $1500
Muntjack.                                                $1250
Chinese Water deer.                              $2000
Fallow.                                                      $1500-2500

Ireland The Emerald Island.

Who do not want to go Ireland , the worlds greatest pubs and some of the greatest poets and writers Yeats and Joyce and many more.

The landscape is beautiful and criss crossed with Trout and Salmon rivers every where .

Ireland has a huge population of Japanese Sika , lots of Wild goats , pockets of Red deer .

The Salmon fishing is decent and much more affordable then Scotland