Joseph Jakab

After and while studying Wildlife Management started guiding for Deer and Wild hogs in Appalachia.

By 1982 Joe was established as a independent Black Bear guide first in Northern Ontario and later Quebec ,

By 1985 Joe was spending his falls in Saskatchewan and Alberta Canada , mostly White Tail deer and Moose .

Although Joe continued Canadian Spring Bear hunts till recently , he established one of the most successful Elk Camps in New Mexico 1992-2012  at the same time became one Kansas first licensed Outfitters as well as West Texas first established Aoudad Sheep outfitters , which he still takes a few . From 1995-2008 Joe spent 3-3 months in Zambia but also neighboring countries .

Joe Jakab was the first American to help establish Americans hunting in Greenland above the Arctic Circle in 2011.

Joe had hunted Europe since his Childhood , and by the early 2000s was offering hunts through out Europe .

Joe Jakab coined the term Triple Chamois and has personally been on over 200 Chamois hunts for all of Europe’s 8 Chamois. Joe Jakab was also one of the firsts to work with Chris Laites and Paulos Skalidis in opening Greece to Kri Kri hunting.

Joseph Jakab and North America today


North America

Joe moved to West Texas in 1984.

Joe soon discovered the high mountains of the trans Pecos and shortly later the High Mountains and plains of New Mexico.

Joe was definitely an early pioneer in hunting free Range Aoudad sheep, his first hunter was Joe Susi in about 1989.

Since then, Joe has taken hundreds of Aoudads with sone of the world’s most well know hunters, including at least 4 Weatherby Award winners, also serious international hunters from Europe and Russia.


Today Joe still takes a few hunters for free Range exotics.

Aoudad , Black Buck , Axis Deet , Nilgai, Wild Boar 

Also, native game Texas White Tail, Javalina and Rio Grande Turkey 

Texas Free Range Exotics 
$500 a day 

Trophy fees 

Hill Country Aoudads $2000-4000
Black Buck Antelope $2900
Axis Deer       $3500
Nilgai Antelope   $3500
Wild BoarFREE
Javalina $500
Rio Grande Turkey$500