What makes a great Hunt?

The Theatre you hunt in. There is no greater stage to hunt then Greece, the birth place of Western Civilization.
The Ancient monuments that built and shaped our philosophy, The Island of Sapienza of the Southern tip
of Peloponnese by the village and castle of Methoni.

Greece allows four 4-day hunts in the month of November; clients are accommodated in a very nice hotel
in Methoni and each morning we take a boat to mountainous Island and stalk Kri Kri Ibex and Mouflon.

We work with Christos Laitas and Paulos Skalidis. Christos was the man that got Greece to allow the hunting of Kri Kri ,

Both Christos and Paulos excell on guiding these Shotgun only hunts.

We also hunt an area in Northern Greece that has both Kri Kri and true Hybrid Kri Kri a cross
between Kri Kri and feral goats.

This Northern area is so wild Bears and Wolf inhabit the area.


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