Both France and Spain are fantastic hunt destinations and they can be easily combined .

You and yours could fly into Paris or Madrid and start your European adventure in one of these Iconic historic cities


There are 4 different Chamois

The somewhat rare Chartreuse and Vercoss Chamois as well as the common Alpine all near Chambrey not far from Lyon .

Going South we offer hunts in the French

Pyrenees where you can hunt 5 species

Pyreenian Chamois , Mouflon Sheep , Red Stag , Roe Deer and Wild Boar .

France prices

Chaurtruse Chamois$9500
Vercoss Chamois$7500
Alpine Chamois$5000
Pyreenian Chamois$5000
Red Stag $5000
Roe deer $1500
Wild Boar$1300


Spain  as Hemingway said the last great country .

We specialize in Beceite Ibex

Although we hunt all the species .

Beceite Ibex the biggest we can find

$12500 Gold medal

Or if you wish smaller you can shoot Bronze medal for $7500