Eastern Europe and the Balkans

This is a vast area encompassing many countries, several mountain ranges, the rivers drain into West and South to the Adriatic and to the East to the Black Seas.

There are many Endemic Species Mammals, Birds, and fish.

Going from North to South.

Hungary has one of the oldest and richest hunting Traditions in the world.

It is known for the Best wild Fallow deer in the World also very good Red Stags, Roe deer and Wild Boar.

Romania is a very wild country, with a big percentage of all Europe’s large predators. Brown Bear, Wolf, Lynx. Giant Red Stags also Romania is the only place to hunt the world’s largest Chamois. The Carpathian Chamois .

Former Yugoslavia is now 7 different countries.


Slovenians Northern border encompasses the Alps, where we hunt Alpine Chamois.

Slovenia mountain rivers are home to Marble Trout, 2 species of Grayling plus the European Tamiment (Honcho Honcho)

Just to the South beautiful Croatia, this country has everything, the mountains meet the sea, the coast line has many rugged areas but also fantastic ancient villages, Venetian and Roman architecture prevail. The climate is both Meditterian and European continental. The species diversity may be the greatest in Europe. Excellent Mountain hunting for Giant Mouflons and Balkan Chamois in one the most spectacular settings in the world. Also, exceptional Brown Bear, Good Red Deer and Roe.  Croatia’s Kast streams are home to several Trout species, and one of the only places for Soft Mouth Brown Trout.

Serbia, has much to offer, maybe the best prices on Trophy Roe deer in Europe. Good predator hunting for The European Golden Jackal and European Wildcat. There is a small population of Balkan Chamois in the country.

North Macedonia is a very culturally rich and diverse country, where East and West meet in most every town, you will hear Church bells and Muslem call to prayer at the same time. North Macedonia has the largest Balkan Chamois population in Europe. The country has amazing Red Stags with the best prices in Europe.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is wild country and definitely old Europe. The country has a lot of Brown Bear and Wolf, this is one of the fee countries that allows archery hunting. Uncordially there are no C.I.T.E.S permits issued.  You can hunt the world’s largest Grosse here, the Capercaillie. Bosnia and its neighbor South Montenegro have some excellent Fly Fishing for Endemic Wild Trout, some very unique Soft Mouth Brown Trout, Marble Trout, Grayling and Honcho.

Price List Eastern Europe packages

All inclusive from local airport , 2 days guiding , meals accmodations
Carpathian Chamois , Romania 9/15-Dec 15 $5000-7500
Alpine Chamois , Slovenia 8/1-Dec 31st$5500
Balkan Chamois , Croatia & North Macedonia 9/1-12/31$5000-6500
Mouflon Sheep Croatia 9/1-3/31$5500-8000
Red Stag Hungary, Romania , Croatia , North Macedonia 9/1-12/31$5000-11,000
Fallow Deer Hungary , Romania 9/1-12/31$2500-5000
Roe deer , many countrys 5/1-10/1 $750-2500
Brown Bear Croatia Spring & Fall$8500-14000
Wolf , North Macedonia all year $5500
Golden Jackal $1200